Friday, April 10, 2009

Bourne Again

I dreamt last night that I had an affair.

With Matt Damon.

This is a recurring dream--me having an affair with Matt Damon. Except, in my dream, he isn't Matt Damon. He is "Matt Damon as Jason Bourne." Last night "Matt Damon as Jason Bourne" was in Philadelphia filming a movie. We ran into each other, of course, and immediately remembered each other (presumably from my last dream where I had an affair with "Matt Damon as Jason Bourne"). He and I never have had sex in my dreams. We just randomly find ourselves meeting on the street, where we have that awkward "We have to pretend we don't know each other even though we've been having an affair ever since The Bourne Identity was released" moment. That leads to the dream "flashback sequence" where I remember that great date we had where we connected and he listened to me, really listened to me, in between killing people by snapping their necks with his big toes.

Oddly, my husband Thad is also in my dream. And he is always walking around with a dish towel hanging out of his pants, as if he just spends his days doing dishes and cleaning up after the girls. Which is not how he spends his days. And I wonder, maybe, if the message of the dream is this: If Thad actually did the 4 million things that I complain that he's not doing, maybe I wouldn't like him anymore, and be forced to have an affair with "Matt Damon as Jason Bourne."

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